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Building brand guidelines from the ground up for water market operator

When it comes to presenting your brand, consistency is everything, particularly when your marketing is managed by multiple stakeholders. Water market operator MOSL asked us to build their first set of brand guidelines to empower their team to deploy comms with confidence.

First step was to refine MOSL’s current branding so that it better reflected the group’s energetic, modern and innovative ethos and values. We met the team several times over the course of a few weeks to fully understand their culture, objectives and outlook and applied this knowledge to our own research and insights (including benchmarking against peers and competitors).

The team was keen that we retained a certain level of brand recognition but also acknowledged that it needed to be audited and updated so that they could present a uniform and consistent identity that would resonate. With this knowledge in place, we began a gentle yet thorough refresh, continually testing our work to see how well it would perform in the field.

The resulting brand guidelines included a refined MOSL marque to give it more impact; a refreshed and expanded colour palette to provide multiple opportunities during the creative process; and a suite of new illustrations and iconography that neatly summed up their work.

Once the brand identity was completed, we created an exhaustive and exacting brand toolkit that would enable multiple members of the marketing team to create their own cross-channel comms. Working examples were shown throughout the document to help increase understanding of the rules alongside various “dos and don’ts” to help iron out any misunderstandings and gently guide would-be designers.

Finally, a comprehensive suite of templates was provided, alongside a fully designed newsletter, to help give the comms team a head start with their new brand identity.