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Streamlining brand identity for global genetics pioneer

RGCC is a global healthcare company focused on improving outcomes for cancer patients. They do this by pioneering and providing innovative cancer tests and therapies direct to healthcare providers, practices and testing laboratories.

It’s trailblazing stuff, right at the cutting edge of cancer care, but the branding had not kept up with their pace of change. Their credentials and reputation within the industry were unquestionable but a muddled brand identity, mismatched campaign assets and lack of consistent messaging across their marketing channels sent out entirely the wrong message. 

The goal was to rebrand and relaunch RGCC to its global customer base through a far-reaching streamlined brand identity. By refining their brand identity, we would help to increase confidence in RGCC, attract new customers and boost sales. The challenge was to translate their enterprising, exacting, exciting and highly professional company into a cohesive brand identity that would resonate.

First came the marque, which was refined rather than redesigned to better reflect the company’s clinical heritage while also retaining the brand recognition that had been built over their many years in the industry. Simple rules were applied and shared throughout the company to ensure this brand cornerstone was presented consistently, whether in print, on email footers or via digital assets. 

With the logo in place, the process of building the brand identity began. We created bespoke, region-specific colour palettes, picture libraries, illustrations and graphic devices that would work independently and as a suite. All assets were judiciously chosen to respond to the specific needs and behaviours of these audience groups and regions.

Finally, we delivered a comprehensive brand toolkit including exacting brand guidelines, easy-to-use templates, social media assets and a list of gentle but thorough “dos and don’ts” to ensure their marketing remains consistent now and in the future.