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Bringing the party to Bristol Water’s 175th anniversary

Our friends at Bristol Water brought us on board to create commemorative keepsakes, brochures and floor-to-ceiling graphics illustrating a colourful and compelling past.

It was important for Bristol Water to showcase their rich heritage and history within the city. We revisited vintage branding to inspire the campaign identity which was rolled out across all comms channels, and created (sustainable) keepsakes and mementos.

The flagship creative was a show-stopping wall graphic that articulated Bristol Water’s history in a nutshell. Installed within the Bristol Water office, this lively education tool informs and entertains visitors and staff as they travel through the building.

"Jason and his team were an absolute dream to work with to deliver a range of designs and physical outputs to help Bristol Water celebrate its 175th birthday. Frequently the discussion started with ”I’m not sure if this is achievable in the timeframe, but we’ve had this idea….” and without fail the Group of Seven helped us to develop our ideas, source suppliers and deliver on time. The timeline on our office stairwell is a real highlight and has gone down really well with employees and visitors alike."

Michelle Davies, Head of Strategy, Bristol Water