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Designing the World’s (Best) Festival programme

We’ve only ever had eyes for one festival, and that’s the deliciously carnivalesque, always inspirational, open-hearted and boundary-busting WOMAD. Having worked with the team for well over a decade and being invited back into the fold for 2023 to help them create their must-have festival programme.

A deliciously collaborative affair, we invited the wonderful team into TGOS HQ to create their mustn’t-leave-motorhome without festival programme. Brilliantly written artist biogs, useful facts and festival maps were brought to life over 50 colourful pages with liberal application of those trademark WOMAD brand assets.

Then it was over to our signage impresarios to whip up magnificent wayfinders to help festival-goers navigate the bountiful stages, stalls and well-trodden pathways of Charlton Park.

What a thrill to be back in the fold once more and flexing our design muscle and providing that print is far from dead.