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Another clean-up campaign for Bristol’s brightest

Following up from last year’s successful outing, Bristol Waste asked us to renew their citywide campaign to encourage students on the move to deal with their rubbish responsibly.

The task for this year was to build on the success of 2022’s campaign, giving the visuals enough of a revamp to reignite interest without losing valuable brand recognition. The bright, vibrant and cheerful messaging remained; joining it were a new colour palette and festival-vibe lettering to inspire action.

Clearly articulated statements and easy-to-follow advice were used to emphasise the positive outcomes of doing the right thing – sell it, donate it, recycle it or (if all else fails) bin it – giving students a legitimate alternative to littering.

Bonus outcome: by doing the right thing, you’ll avoid losing your deposit and facing fines.

School’s almost out for summer and with it a plea to Bristol’s brightest to do the right thing with their rubbish. We worked with Bristol Waste to renew their popular Students on the Move campaign, encouraging undergrads do the right thing with their rubbish (clue: that’s not leaving in bin bags next to a big bin).

So giddy-up, Bristol students and begin your sort out for summer. If you can’t sell it, donate it. If you can’t donate it, recycle it. And if you can’t recycle it, bag it and pop it in the bin.